Based in urban and trendy Montreal, Ricardo BH is a father-daughter company that has managed to create a brand that is both stylish and timeless, staying true to our reputation of superior products. We are a major importer, exporter and wholesaler of sheepskin products in North America and Europe. There is intent behind every decision, every detail and every stitch. Ricardo B.H. attributes its success to hard work, honest and fair business practices, and on creating quality products year after year, for over twenty years.  Additionally, all products have been gladly tested by both family and friends during the frigid, never-ending Montreal winters!

Our commitment is geared to picking the best skins available and providing our clients with the finest finished products on the market. Initially, we began as retailers, much like you. We found it difficult to find a wholesaler that offered products that our clientele was looking for, so we used the feedback from our clients and designed a variety of products that would suit just about anyone’s needs.

Understanding the market has allowed us to develop a successful line that will definitely increase your profits and customer satisfaction. People are looking for quality and style at an affordable price, and that’s exactly what you can offer them by doing business with Ricardo B. H..  Here are a few qualities that all our products possess; superior quality skins, resistant and double stitched seams, dense yet soft wool, a variety of colors, trendy models, and unbeatable prices.

For any inquiries, please contact us toll free 1-877-339-1789. Our staff will be available to discuss any of your questions, and to suggest what type of product will be best for your clientele.